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ADDRESS: 1321 Centerview Circle, Akron OH 44321
TEL:(330) 665-4996
MedVet Akron serves as an extension of your family veterinarian by providing advanced surgical, medical, emergency and critical care for patients entrusted to our hospital. Our board-certified specialists and experienced emergency team work with you and your family veterinarian to provide the highest level of compassionate medical care for you and your pets.
ADDRESS: 4303 Whipple Avenue NW, Canton OH 44708
TEL:(330) 452-5116
You will be greeted by a friendly reception staff trained to recognize the critical emergencies. Remember, critical patients are seen first! These pets receive immediate attention and care.
ADDRESS: 3964 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati OH 45227
TEL:(513) 561-0069
Welcome to MedVet Cincinnati. Our hospital is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art emergency and specialty hospital for pets in the greater Cincinnati area. We partner with your family veterinarian and serve as an extension of their practice should your pet need after hours, emergency, or specialized care.
ADDRESS: 18001 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland OH 44112
TEL:(216) 350-3111
All Animal Clinic is an animal hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, that provides veterinarian services for both domestic and exotic pets, including birds.
ADDRESS: 14000 Keystone Parkway, Cleveland OH 44135
TEL:(216) 362-6000
MedVet Cleveland West is a premier 24-hour animal emergency hospital on Cleveland’s west side and we have the experience and resources to treat pet emergencies of all kinds. Our emergency medical staff is highly-trained to skillfully assist with any kind of emergency that your pet may experience.
ADDRESS: 601 Vernon L Tharp Street, Columbus OH 43210
TEL:(614) 292-3551
Animals provide unconditional love and enrich our lives, and we know that you want the best for your companion. At the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center, you’ll find the highest level of professional veterinary medical care, whether your visit is for a well-check, chronic illness, or emergency service.
ADDRESS: 5230 Renner Road, Hilliard OH 43228
TEL:(614) 870-0480
Welcome to MedVet Hilliard, formerly Capital Veterinary Referral & Emergency Clinic. Our hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional emergency and specialty care for pets.
ADDRESS: 3077 Harding Highway, Lima OH 45804
TEL:(419) 221-0269
Our small animal emergency clinic prides itself on delivering state-of-the-art, after-hour services, while providing compassionate care for all the animals we work with.
ADDRESS: 115 Chesterfield Lane, Maumee OH 43537
TEL:(419) 708-5799
We offer a practical approach to emergency vet medicine—helping you save, while maintaining quality. Our goal is to help your pet as quickly as possible and within your budget.
ADDRESS: 8250 Tyler Boulevard, #C, Mentor OH 44060
TEL:(440) 255-0770
Welcome to MedVet Cleveland Northeast, formerly known as Animal Emergency Clinic Northeast. Our team consists of qualified veterinarians and highly devoted professionals who have the knowledge and experience needed to care for all of our animal patients and their individual needs.
ADDRESS: 2714 Springboro West, Moraine OH 45439
TEL:(937) 293-2714
Welcome to MedVet Dayton. Our emergency and specialty hospital is committed to providing exceptional care for pets in the greater Dayton area.
ADDRESS: 7640 BroadView Road, Parma OH 44134
TEL:(216) 901-9980
Our goal is to provide the community with the most current diagnostics and treatments presently available. This is done in a caring environment with reasonable fees. The doctors at Aaron Animal Clinic and Emergency Hospital will attend frequent continuing education meetings to ensure that we always offer the most effective diagnostics and treatments available.
ADDRESS: 2921 Douglas Road, Toledo OH 43606
TEL:(419) 473-0328
Welcome to MedVet Toledo, formerly The Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center of Toledo. Our state-of-the-art veterinary hospital is dedicated to offering exceptional emergency and specialty care for pets. We partner with your family veterinarian and serve as an extension of their practice should your pet need after hours, emergency, or specialized care.
ADDRESS: 69 Huber Village Boulevard, Westerville OH 43081
TEL:(614) 882-2332
Caring. Talented. Driven. The team at Westerville has a diversity of skillsets and a united mission: to make sure your pet receives the best care there is.
ADDRESS: 300 E. Wilson Bridge Road, Worthington OH 43085
TEL:(614) 846-5800
Welcome to MedVet Columbus. Founded in 1988, our Columbus hospital is MedVet’s original home and has been serving patients and their families from the greater Columbus area and five-state region for over 25 years.

Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

Has your pet experienced some kind of trauma and in need in emergency care? Here are some of the signs to look when determining whether your pet needs an emergency vet:

  • Pale gums
  • Rapid breathing
  • Weak or rapid pulse
  • Change in body temperature
  • Difficulty standing
  • Apparent paralysis
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures
  • Excessive bleeding

How To Handle Your Injured Pet

It is possible that your pet can act aggressively when they’ve been injured. It’s important to be careful how you handle them for their safety and your own.

For Dogs:

  • Be calm and go slow when approaching.
  • If your dog appears aggressive, get someone to help you.
  • Fashion a makeshift stretcher and carefully lift your dog onto it.
  • Support their neck and back as you move them in case of spinal injuries.

For Cats:

  • Cover your cats head gently with a towel, to prevent them from biting you.
  • Very carefully, lift your cat into its carrier or a box.
  • Support their neck and back as you move them in case of spinal injuries.

First Aid Treatment At Home

Depending on the situation, there are some actions you can take at home to stabalize your pet before transporting them to an emergency vet.


  • If your pet is bleeding externally due to a trauma, apply pressure to the wound quickly and hold it there.
  • If possible, elevate the injury.


  • If your pet is choking on a foreign object, put your fingers in their mouth and try to remove the blockage.
  • If you’re unable to remove the blockage, perform a modified version of the Heimlich manouver by giving a sharp blow to their chest.


  • If your pet is unconcious and unresponsive, you may need to perform CPR.
  • First, check if your pet is breathing and if they have a heartbeat. If you cannot find either, start chest compressions.
  • Perform 30 chest compressions followed by two rescue breaths. Repeat this until your pet starts breathing on their own again.
  • To give a rescue breath, close your pets mouth and extend their neck to open the airway. Place your mouth over your pets nose and exhale until you see your pets chest rise.
  • Check for a heartbeat every 2 minutes.
  • Continue giving your pet CPR until you reach an emergency vet.