my cat keeps sneezing

My Cat Keeps Sneezing: What to Do

Reviewed by Alan Brus, DVM

There can be many reasons for a cat to sneeze, but what if my cat keeps sneezing?

Most likely in the event of a cat sneeze the reason is harmless, and easily explained.

As always as responsible cat owners we want to be sure that our pet is in good health.

Always pay attention when anything out of the ordinary takes place in your cat’s behavior.

Do Cats Sneeze?

my cat keeps sneezing

Yes, cats can indeed sneeze, but usually it is nothing to worry about, and could be as simple as allergies.

However, our feline friends can suffer from sinus, and upper respiratory infections brought on by colds.

Feline herpes virus can also be a culprit in causing our cats to sneeze, which spreads the disease further.

Why Does My Cat Keep Sneezing?

my cat keeps sneezing

One of the main reasons for a cat to be repeatedly sneezing is often due to an infection.

These can be viral, fungal, or bacterial infections, many of which can be prevented by early vaccination.

Common Causes Sneezing in Cats

my cat keeps sneezing

Cigarette smoke is a common irritant for cats who live in a smoking household.

Chemicals, dust, and airborne particles are commonly things that will cause a cat to sneeze.

Hair or other foriegn objects caught in the nasal passage can also cause a cat to start sneezing.

Infections are a cause, as we mentioned above, chronic rhinitis, blocked nose and sinusitis are also reasons.

Dental disease causing an inflamed or infected tooth can cause drainage into the nasal cavity which can cause sneezing.

How to Treat Cat Sneezing

my cat keeps sneezing

If your cat is sneezing on occasion and you don’t notice nasal discharge, and if your cat is acting normally.

Then pay attention to your cat, notice if there is a loss of appetite or other changes  in case a viral infection is present.

If you notice a progression of illness along with the sneezing then it’s probably best to visit your veterinary clinic. 

Depending on what your cat is suffering from, treatments will vary depending on the cause.

It could be as simple as a humidifier, or things like steroids, antibiotics, antihistamines.

Fluids via IV may be prescribed for cases where severe dehydration has occurred.

In very serious cases your cat may require surgery if there is any obstruction that needs removing.

How to Prevent Cat Sneezing

my cat keeps sneezing

Don’t expose your cat to cigarette smoke, curtail the use of air fresheners, or other chemical solvents.

Think about which disinfectants, laundry detergents, and perfumes that you use which may be triggering your cat.

Having unscented kitty litter will help as well, and making sure kitty litter boxes are cleaned out regularly.

Be aware of environments your cat is in when it begins to have the sneezing symptoms.

Of course have your cats vaccinated as soon as is safe, and give your cat a warm and dry place to sleep.

When to See a Veterinarian

my cat keeps sneezing

If your cat sneezes every now and then, and shows no other changes in behaviour then veterinary care is unlikely to be needed.

Take your cat to the vet if the sneezing seems chronic, or is happening on a regular basis.

Note any symptoms you observe, and also the movement of your cat, so you can relay the environment and symptoms.

Anytime your cat starts exhibiting new behavior or shows unusual symptoms then it is best to give your vet a call.

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