how many hours a day do dogs sleep

How Many Hours a Day Do Dogs Sleep?

Reviewed by Alan Brus, DVM

How many hours a day do dogs sleep? Is it normal for my dog to sleep all day?

Is it normal for them to snore and does their sleeping pattern change with age?

Dogs may nap at any time, whether they’re on the sofa or basking on the grass. Dogs like a nice nap, or several during the day. It’s actually normal for a dog to spend the majority of their day sleeping. 

Dogs sleep for different amounts of time than humans, yet they go through the same stages of sleep.

So let’s dive in and find out how many hours a day do dogs sleep…

How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?

how many hours a day do dogs sleep

Humans need six to eight hours of sleep every night. However, dogs require around double that much.

Average adult dogs sleep between 8 and 14 hours each 24-hour cycle. Puppies, on the other hand, sleep a lot more for 18-20 hours per night. 

Puppies need to sleep more, which is important for their development. Which is why you shouldn’t worry about your puppy sleeping too much, at this age.

Dogs older than 5 years are considered senior dogs. They can sleep 16-18 hours a day. It is more resting than sleeping, which naturally happens to humans as well because of old age. 

Dogs’ sleeping habits may vary depending on the breed, size and health of the dog. 

Typically, small dog breeds sleep for about 14-16 hours a day. Large breeds need more hours of sleep, usually for 14-18 hours a day.

Why Do Dogs Sleep A lot?

how many hours a day do dogs sleep

Dogs don’t go into deep sleep for long periods like us, because they have relatively shorter sleep cycles. 

Sleeping cycles alternate between deep sleep, and light sleep. Our human sleep cycles are much longer, lasting 70 to 120 minutes for each, and we spend 25% of our sleep in the deep sleeping cycle. 

On the other hand, dogs go into deep sleep for only 6 minutes and twice during the whole period.

What Affects Your Dog’s Sleep?

how many hours a day do dogs sleep

The amount of time your dog sleeps depends on his age and lifestyle. Stress, worry, and disruptions in a dog’s routine may all impact their sleeping patterns. 

Some dogs have a lot of energy and need to be exercised on a regular basis in order to sleep comfortably.

They may become restless as a result of health issues such as frequent urination due to kidney disease. 

In addition, dogs are social sleepers, which means they adjust to their parents’ sleeping patterns. If you are relaxing or sleeping, you will notice that your pet will typically come and fall asleep next to you.

Sleeping Disorders in Dogs

how many hours a day do dogs sleep

Excessive sleeping or irregular sleeping patterns can be a cause for concern.

Dogs who are lethargic or nap a lot more than usual, may be suffering from a medical condition like diabetes, Lyme disease, hyperthyroidism, or depression.

Some dogs have sleeping disorders like insomnia, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea. Insomnia in dogs can be caused by arthritis, kidney disease, or painful injuries. 

Narcolepsy is a genetic sleeping disorder that causes abnormal low levels of hypocretin, which is a chemical that helps maintain activeness and normal sleep patterns.

Narcolepsy in dogs is not life threatening, and it may be treated by recognizing the conditions that provoke it.

Although sleep apnea in dogs is uncommon, it is important to be aware of the symptoms. Flat-faced, loud snorer canine breeds like English bulldogs and pugs are prone to sleep apnea. 

If you suspect your dog has a sleeping disorder, call your veterinarian. It’s better to also take them to the vet for regular check ups to monitor their sleeping habits as they age.

How to Improve Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits?

how many hours a day do dogs sleep

If your dog is staying awake more than they should, or sleeping more than usual. You can help to improve your dog’s sleeping habits. 

Give your dog a kind of a routine. Let your dog know when to expect to eat, sleep, play, and exercise. 

Try to give your dog regular exercise like daily walking and playtime which helps them get better sleep. 

Take your dog out to relieve themselves one more time before bed time, so they can sleep during the night without needing the bathroom. 

Additionally, give your dog their last meal earlier in the evening, to avoid stomach problems after bedtime. Finally, get a soft and comfortable dog bed, so they can feel safe and cozy.

When to See a Veterinarian

how many hours a day do dogs sleep

If you notice changes in your dog’s sleeping patterns, like sleeping more or less than usual, low energy, waking up slowly, or not eating well. 

It’s time to call your veterinarian to check if your dog is suffering from underlying health issues, like kidney diseases, heart diseases, and diabetes.

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