can cats eat strawberries

Can Cats Eat Strawberries? What to Know.

Reviewed by Lauren Goode, DVM

Can cats eat strawberries may be a strange question to ask a cat owner, however, as we know, cats are curious creatures.

And as the well known saying goes, it is that curiosity that did away with the cat in the end, so we should be prepared.

Before you worry about introducing a varied diet to your cat you should know that cats are carnivores.

This means that they are meat eaters, and do not need fruit or vegetables in their diets like humans do.

However, some fruits are OK as low calorie snacks for your pet rather than a source of vitamins.

Can Cats Eat Strawberries?

can cats eat strawberries

The good news is that strawberries are non toxic to cats, so there are no worries if you ever find them having a bite.

If you want to give them a small piece that is probably alright too, but best to remove the leaves and stem.

The not so good news is that if your cat makes a habit of eating strawberries it can cause issues for them.

Cats are not well equipped to digest the sugar in strawberries which can lead to obesity and diabetes over time.

Therefore, eating strawberries in large amounts should be discouraged.

Do Cats Like Strawberries?

can cats eat strawberries

Cats may be interested in the moist, soft texture of strawberries but lack receptors for sweet tastes.

And therefore it is best to keep these kinds of foods away from your pet.

Since they are not needed in their diet.

Too much fruit can lead to an upset stomach or even become a choking hazard.

I have read stories about people’s cats that seemed drawn to strawberries and were included in a cat’s diet.

The owners insist that their cat’s strawberries are a good source of vitamins, high in fiber and a good cat treat.

However, it is well known that cats eating beef, chicken and fish will satisfy all their daily nutritional needs.

How Many Strawberries Can They Eat?

can cats eat strawberries

It is best to assume that cats should not be eating strawberries as part of their daily diet.

If you were to give your can strawberries make sure it is in small amounts for the sake of your cat’s health.

There is a big difference between how many strawberries a cat can eat and how many a cat should eat.

Can Cats Eat Fruit?

can cats eat strawberries

There are fruits that are safe to feed your pet as an occasional snack.

Cats can eat bananas, blueberries, apples, cantaloupe.

They can even eat watermelon without any ill effects.

However, the additional sugar in your cat’s diet can be problematic over the long term.

A couple of things never to feed your cat are grapes and raisins which are very toxic to them.

Alternative Healthy Snacks

can cats eat strawberries

Whereas it is best to feed your cat meat in the form of beef, fish or chicken there are a few snacks you can add.

Treats of cooked rice, cheese, oatmeal and eggs are all fine things in moderation.

Spinach, carrots, and pumpkin can also be safe low calorie snacks for your cat to eat from time to time.

Peas, little pieces of bread, or strips of meat, are all good snack ideas.

Another alternative is catnip, which cats enjoy very much, that can be good for their digestive tract.

One thing to remember when feeding your cat snacks is that the snack itself will have calories in it.

You will need to balance the additional caloric intake with the calories consumed during regular meal times.

Your pet will most likely eat anything tasty you offer them.

This can lead to obesity, which leads to other diseases.

It is up to us in the end as responsible cat owners to realize that our obligation is to control how much our cat eats.

We do this for the best, making sure our cats live long healthy lives as our furry companions.

If you’re ever worried that your cat has eaten something that has made them ill, always contact your nearest veterinarian.

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