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ADDRESS: 1494 N. Main Street, Crown Point IN 46307
TEL: (210) 310-8315
Animal Urgent Care is here to fill the gap between primary care veterinarians and 24-hour emergency centers. The veterinarians and staff at Animal Urgent Care offer after work and weekend hours without an appointment.
ADDRESS: 104 B. S. Heidelbach Avenue, Evansville IN 47713
TEL: (812) 422-3300
Welcome to VCA All Pet Emergency Clinic! VCA All Pet Emergency Clinic (APEC) was established to provide the after hour emergency needs for the pets of the Tri-State Community.
ADDRESS: 7712 Crosspoint Commons, Fishers IN 46038
TEL: (317) 5878-4100
VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center is a referral and emergency center founded to provide specialty services to support the needs of referral veterinarians. Our team of specialists works closely with your veterinarian to provide compassionate and effective therapies, using the most up-to-date advances in veterinary medicine.
ADDRESS: 14069 Mundy Drive, Fishers IN 46038
TEL: (317) 572-7557
VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center is an immediate urgent and emergency care animal hospital located in Fishers welcoming walk-in cases. We’re here to help pet owners with both their wellness and urgent care needs.
ADDRESS: 5818 Maplecrest Road, Fort Wayne IN 46835
TEL: (260) 426-1062
The Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (NIVES) has provided the highest level of specialized small animal health care to our community since 2004. We grew out of a well-established, AAHA certified, primary care clinic originally started on this location in 1967. Over the past 12 years, we have grown into one of the largest small animal emergency and specialty hospitals in the state.
ADDRESS: 2650 East State Road 130, Hobart IN 46342
TEL: (219) 942-4442
Hobart Animal Clinic strives to provide your pet with the highest quality veterinary care in Northwest Indiana. Whether we’re practicing preventative medicine, diagnosing your pet’s medical condition or providing emergency veterinary care, our veterinarians are prepared to help you and your pet in any situation at any time of the day.
ADDRESS: 5235 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis IN 46241
TEL: (317) 248-0832
When your dog or cat has a medical emergency and your veterinarian is not available, an after hours emergency clinic is your best choice for help. The Airport Animal Emergi-Center was established to fulfill just that need. Our facility is open evenings, weekends and holidays because pets can get sick or injured at any time of day.
ADDRESS: 5425 Victory Drive, Indianapolis IN 46203
TEL: (317) 782-4484
IndyVet is a 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital specializing in Emergency, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Surgery, and Rehabilitation & Acupuncture services. We have the resources, technology, and skilled staff to diagnose and treat almost any medical, surgical, or emergent condition for your pet.
ADDRESS: 5510 Millersville Road, Indianapolis IN 46226
TEL: (317) 253-1327
At Noah’s Animal Hospital & 24 Hour Emergency Center, we believe quality veterinary care is all of this and so much more. Above all else, it’s a suite of services that is delivered in a way that puts the patient first, with a compassionate touch and personalized attention.
ADDRESS: 4625 East Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis IN 46237
TEL: (317) 534-6000
Our hospital is available 24/7, 365 days a year, providing emergency medical, diagnostic and surgical care as well as specialty services, such as rehabilitation and laser therapy.
ADDRESS: 6136 Crawsfordsville Road, Indianapolis IN 46224
TEL:  (317) 491-1900
Our hospital is available 24/7, 365 days a year, providing emergency medical, diagnostic and surgical care as well as specialty services, such as rehabilitation and laser therapy.
ADDRESS: 2324 Grape Road, Mishawaka IN 46545
TEL:  (574) 259-8387
Welcome to Animal Emergency Clinic. We are a full service emergency/urgent care animal hospital providing comprehensive healthcare services to pets in Mishawaka,IN and the surrounding areas. Our veterinarians offer a wide variety of medical and surgical services, particularly urgent animal care emergencies.

Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

Has your pet experienced some kind of trauma and in need in emergency care? Here are some of the signs to look when determining whether your pet needs an emergency vet:

  • Pale gums
  • Rapid breathing
  • Weak or rapid pulse
  • Change in body temperature
  • Difficulty standing
  • Apparent paralysis
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures
  • Excessive bleeding

How To Handle Your Injured Pet

It is possible that your pet can act aggressively when they’ve been injured. It’s important to be careful how you handle them for their safety and your own.

For Dogs:

  • Be calm and go slow when approaching.
  • If your dog appears aggressive, get someone to help you.
  • Fashion a makeshift stretcher and carefully lift your dog onto it.
  • Support their neck and back as you move them in case of spinal injuries.

For Cats:

  • Cover your cats head gently with a towel, to prevent them from biting you.
  • Very carefully, lift your cat into its carrier or a box.
  • Support their neck and back as you move them in case of spinal injuries.

First Aid Treatment At Home

Depending on the situation, there are some actions you can take at home to stabalize your pet before transporting them to an emergency vet.


  • If your pet is bleeding externally due to a trauma, apply pressure to the wound quickly and hold it there.
  • If possible, elevate the injury.


  • If your pet is choking on a foreign object, put your fingers in their mouth and try to remove the blockage.
  • If you’re unable to remove the blockage, perform a modified version of the Heimlich manouver by giving a sharp blow to their chest.


  • If your pet is unconcious and unresponsive, you may need to perform CPR.
  • First, check if your pet is breathing and if they have a heartbeat. If you cannot find either, start chest compressions.
  • Perform 30 chest compressions followed by two rescue breaths. Repeat this until your pet starts breathing on their own again.
  • To give a rescue breath, close your pets mouth and extend their neck to open the airway. Place your mouth over your pets nose and exhale until you see your pets chest rise.
  • Check for a heartbeat every 2 minutes.
  • Continue giving your pet CPR until you reach an emergency vet.