dog x ray cost

How Much Does a Dog X-Ray Cost?

Reviewed by Rachel Katz, VMD

Sometimes owning a pet can be expensive, and a dog x-ray cost could set us back more than we thought.

If your dog is in need of a visit to the vet do you ever worry you may overpay for the cost of the x-ray?

We thought it would be useful to look into the process, and cost of dog x-rays.

Whether in the vet’s office, or emergency animal clinic, the more you know the better off your pet will be.

The Average Dog X-Ray Cost

dog x ray cost

The cost of an x-ray for your dog can vary widely depending on several factors including the size of the dog.

An x-ray costs anywhere between $75 and $500, with the average cost being between $150 to $250.

What Affects the Cost?

dog x ray cost

There are several factors that can affect the cost of an x-ray for your dog, from cost of living, to complicated procedures.

Is it for a large dog or a smaller dog, are sedation or anesthesia required?

Big cities versus rural areas, or different types of vet practices can also influence cost.

Let’s look at some of the various factors that can have a bearing on cost.


Remaining still is a very important factor when receiving an x-ray, and in some cases the animal will need to be sedated.

Most animals can sit still long enough for an x-ray, but this may not be the case if they are in pain or are feeling apprehensive.

Location of Injury

This can be a big factor because some areas are easier to access for an x-ray than others.

Limbs can be easy compared to the head, hips or tail.

Number of Views Needed

Sometimes the vet will require several images to get a good handle on what is going on with the animal.

Each additional image will raise the cost of the overall x-ray procedure.

Why Would Your Dog Need an X-Ray?

dog x ray cost

Utilizing x-ray technology is the best way for a vet to see what is going on with an injured animal.

Many times that injury will be hidden beneath the skin, and may be too painful for the vet to palpate.

Broken Bone

If your veterinarian presumes a fracture or broken bone then an x-ray is the best way for them to actually see the bone.

A vet will often have a very good hunch if the bone is broken or not, but the x-ray will confirm any suspicion.

Orthopedic Issues

If your pet is suffering from any orthopedic issues such as hip dysplasia, the vet, through viewing the x-ray, will be able to see the extent of it.

Having an image will assist the vet in seeing exactly how the bones fit together, and how to possibly repair the damage.

Swallowed Object / Foreign Body

As we all know, most dogs love to chew on stuff, and sometimes they swallow that stuff.

If whatever they swallowed is not digestible then it can cause a serious problem for the puppy.

Having a visual image of exactly where the foreign object has lodged itself in the body greatly assists the vet.

These images can inform the vet on the best course of action, from surgery to letting nature take its course.

Surgical Follow Up

After certain surgeries it is important to take a look to see whether or not the surgery was successful.

For example it is important that bones heal properly and in the right direction, meaning a visual image cannot be overstated.


A CT scan can show gallbladder, kidney, or bladder stones, making it easy for the vet to determine the cause of illness.

This is also very convenient for a vet during surgery to pinpoint exactly where the stones are for removal.


Sometimes x-rays can show some cancers that are growing in the dog’s body.

X-rays can expose tumors, allowing for early diagnosis and treatment.


Dog owners are pleased when their vet can utilize ultrasound imaging to diagnose pregnancies in their dogs.

A vet can also monitor any high risk pregnancy, as well as determine how many puppies are on their way.

Why It’s Important For Diagnosing

dog x ray cost

Whether computed tomography, CT scan or regular radiology x-rays, this technology is instrumental in diagnostics today.

Allowing the veterinarian a clear view of what is going on inside your pet allows for the best diagnosis and treatment.

It is always best to use technology when necessary to provide the best possible results.

If the cost of treating your pet is a factor in your life, consider purchasing animal health insurance.

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