dog eating cat poop

Why Is My Dog Eating Cat Poop?

Reviewed by Lauren Cannon, DVM

Is your dog eating cat poop? Yes, it does sound disgusting.

If you are a pet owner, your dog may be interested in playing with your cat’s litter box.

Dogs are curious animals and can be drawn to the smell of your cat’s poop. It’s actually bad for your dog’s health.

Read more to know how to prevent your dog from eating your cat’s poop.

Is Cat Poop Bad For Dogs?

dog eating cat poop

Cat poop can certainly be bad for the dog’s health. Eating poop increases the chance for the dog to hold bad bacteria and internal parasites.

Some of this bad bacteria can be transferred to humans as well. It can also cause digestive upset.

The good news is that the dog has to eat a large quantity before it can cause a blockage.

In most cases, the dog won’t suffer from any serious consequences if he ate cat poop.

However, it can become a habit and should be stopped for your dog’s health and your health as well.

Why Your Dog Is Eating Cat Poop

dog eating cat poop

As disgusting as it may sound, this behavior is totally normal in dogs. Dogs are hunters by nature and they eat all types of things, rocks, trash, or even carpets.

Science suggests that dogs eat cat poop because it smells like cat food to them, while it smells bad to us.

In addition, eating cat poop can be caused by a dietary insufficiency, which is a lack of proper nutrients in the dog’s body, and makes them drawn to the protein in the cat’s poop.

In most cases, the cause is the dog’s exploration nature, and it’s a habit that should be prevented.

How to Prevent This

dog eating cat poop

The easiest and most obvious way to prevent your dog from eating cat’s poop is by keeping the cat’s litter box away from the dog where they can’t find or access it.

You can also use baby gates or pet doors to keep the dog away from the cat’s litter box. Just make sure that your cats can easily reach the boxes.

When buying a litter box, try to find one with a closed top or a “dog proof” one.

Try to clean the litter box as soon as possible to keep it clean before the dog can come near it.

Additionally, teach your dog the “leave it” command. You can do this by addressing your dog in a serious tone. If they obey, give them a treat.

If they disobey, say it again but louder. It may not work at first, but repeating it will eventually work.

If your dog can’t stop eating from the litter box, you can buy stool deterrents. On the other hand, you can also give stool deterrents made for cats which makes their stools unattractive for dogs.

Finally, give your dog the needed nutrients and portion their meals properly everyday. Your vet can help you to know which foods are necessary.

When to See a Veterinarian

dog eating cat poop

If you saw your dog eating cat poop or you suspect that he did, watch him carefully and see if he has any abnormal bowel movements.

Watch for signs like abnormal pooping, difficulty pooping, low energy, diarrhea, vomiting, or lack of appetite.

Call your veterinarian for assistance, if you notice any of these signs.

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